Resources & Recommended Readings

Recommended texts

Koralek, Derry G. (2007). Spotlight on Young Children and Families.  Washington, DC.National Association for the Education of Young Children.

Recommended Books (Don’t feel as though you need to buy these- they are great resources for further reading).


Cowley, M. (2006).  Black ants and Buddhists: Teaching critically and teaching differently in the primary grades. Portland, ME Stenhouse Publications. 

ISBN 1-51100418-6


Delpit,L. (2006)  Other People’s children: Cultural Conflict in the classroom.  New Press. ISBN 978-1595580740


Ewald, W. & Lightfoot, A. (2002). I wanna take me a picture: Teaching photography and writing to children.  Beacon Press. ISBN 978-0807031414


Lawrence-Lightfoot. S. (2003). The essential conversation: What parents and teachers can learn from each other. New York: Random House, Inc.


Pelo, A. (2005). Rethinking early childhood education.  Rethinking schools. ISBN 978-0942961416


Paley, V.G ( 1992). You can’t sSay you can’t play.  Triliteral. ISBN: 9780674965904


Paley, V.G. (1984). Boys & gGirls: Superheroes in the doll corner. Chicago: University of Chigago Press.  ISBN 0-226-64492-8



Recommended Children’s books

Cheltenham Elementary Kindergartners & Dwight, L. (2002).  We are all alike…We are all different.  Scholastic Paperbacks.


Combs, B. (2000). 1,2,3, a family counting book.  Ridley Part, PA: Two Lives Publishing.


Combs, B. (2000). A, B, C, a family alphabet book.  Ridley Part, PA: Two Lives Publishing.


Davol, M.W. ( 1993).  Black, white, just right.  Morton Grove, Illinois: Albert & Whitman Company.


dePaola, T. (1996). The baby sister.  New York: Paperstar Books.


Ewald, W. (2002).  The best part of me: Children talk about their bodies in pictures and words. Little, Brown Books for Young Readers .


Hoffman, M. (2000). Amazing Grace. Magi Publications.


Hoffman, E. ( 1999). Best Best Colors. St. Paul, MN: Redleaf Press.


Hudson, C.W. & Ford, B.G (1990). Bright Eyes, Brown Skin.  Orange, NJ: Just Us Books.


Katz,K. (1999). All the colors of us.  New York: Henry Holt & Co.


Kasza, K. (1992). A mother for Choco.  New York: Puffin Books.


Kissinger, k. ( 9994). All the colors we are.  St. Paul, Minnesota: Redleaf Press.


Kitze, C.A. (2003). I don’t have your eyes/.  Warren, NJ: EMK Press.


Lin, G. (2009).  The Ugly Vegetables. Charlesbridge Publishing. 


Morris, A. ( 200). Families.  New York: Harper Collins Children’s books.

Newman, L. ( 2009. Heather has two mommies. New York: Alyson Books.


Parr, T. (2010)  The Family Book. Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. 


Polacco, P. ( 2009). In our mothers’ house.  New York: Philomel Books.


Richardson, J. & Parnell, P. (2005). And Tango makes three.  New York: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.


Skutch, R. (1995). Who’s in a family?  Berkley: Tricycle Press.


Smalls, I. ( 2005). My nana and me.  New York: Little Brown and Company.


Smalls, I (1999). Kevin and his dad.  New York: Little Brown and Company.


Williams, V. (1982). A chair for my mother. New York: Harper Collins Children’s books.


Zolotow, C. (1985). William’s Doll.  HarperCollins.


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